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The songs below are based around Colombian rhythms like Cumbia, Currulao and Porro. Most of them share one common element: all the composition, recording and production has been done in 3 days maximum.

The lyrics are sometimes serious but most of them just lighthearted. The instrumentation consists of guitars (classical, electric, bass guitar), trumpet, percussion (guacharaca, tambora, alegre, llamador, gaita) a few bank sample instruments (organ, cheap brass samples) and lots of vocals. With help from friends some tunes now include voice, accordion, trumpet, gaita, maracón etc.

The song “La Mancha” now includes a video!

Cumbiagua (water cumbia)

mira mi cumbia como se baila, como te lleva los pies

mira mi cumbia como se goza, no te dejas de mover.

March 2012 ©JC Arenas

Naturaleza y cultura (Nature and Nurture)

como conciliar naturaleza con cultura

una me quiere como un fauno y otra como un cura...

February 2012 ©JC Arenas

Hija del Chandé

no bailaba cumbia ni le gusta el mapalé

solo repetía “soy la hija del chandé”

January 2012 ©JC Arenas

Déjame (London Currulao) - Trumpet by Jake Painter

Déjame que la vida me lleve allá

que pasado con futuro me ayude a andar...

April 2012 ©JC Arenas

La Ventana (Porro)

Main vocals: Francois Peglau

Accordion by ‘Flakito

May 2012 ©JC Arenas

Chicha Londres (Chicha)

A simple chicha tune for the snow and cold in London

February 2013 ©JC Arenas

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Mi Lucerito (Raspa)

Mi Lucerito, yo a ti te quiero

como se quiere de niño a la mamá...

June 2012 ©JC Arenas

La Mancha / The Stain (Politicumbia)

Main vocals: Francois Peglau

Trumpet: Jake Painter, Gaita and percussion: Rafael Sarmiento

May 2013 ©JC Arenas