Siger Gallery was established in 2012 to promote and sell a broad range of emerging UK and international artists. The gallery is a dynamic platform for a range of art practices including: painting, performance, sculpture, photography, printmaking and animation.


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We currently have focused our promoting and selling artwork in the Far East and make a cultural bridge between West and East. We have taken part in the Hong Kong contemporary art fair 2012, Hong Kong contemporary 2013. Budget Hong Kong art fair sept 2013, and the Affordable Art Fair in Milan in March 2014. 

Siger Gallery is taking part In the Affordable Art Fair in Hong Kong May 18th to 21st 2017, showcasing artworks by:

Manuel Sanmartin, Graham Carrick, Paul Robinson, Guillermo Monroy, Zil Hoque, Sophie Levi, Rahman Hak-Hagir, Armando Mesias, Desdemona Veron, Linda Lieberman, Frederico Penteado, Armelle Burke, Kevin Fogarty, Andy Stewart , Melissa Lozano Molano, Francesca Lolli, Sabina Pieper, Jim Racine, Jonathan Baker, Patrick Moffat, Dan Proops, Alex Allmont, Colin Mills, Seruni Bodjawati, Claudia Perpetuo, Ar Mechan, Tom Estes.